Sources: Facebook will announce a suite of audio products on Monday, including a Clubhouse-like app, a podcast discovery product connected to Spotify, and more (Peter Kafka/Vox)


FlamingoDAO, one of the most exclusive DAOs, has an NFT portfolio worth ~$1B and its membership buy-in has increased from ~$23K in October 2020 to ~$8M now (Tracy Wang/CoinDesk)


SoftBank’s Z Holdings plans to launch an NFT marketplace in 180 countries and double its fintech unit PayPay’s users to 90M, tapping a five-year ~$4.3B budget (Bloomberg)


Profile of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who are building on their successes with crypto investments and the Gemini exchange with Nifty Gateway, Block-Fi, more (Michael del Castillo/Forbes)


A look at surveillance apps Shadowtrack and SmartLink, which are used by states and ICE as parole apps replacing GPS ankle bracelets (Todd Feathers/The Guardian)


After SpaceX won preliminary rights to $886M in FCC grants for rural broadband, rivals urge new FCC leadership to check if the winning bidders “are capable” (Ryan Tracy/Wall Street Journal)


Ahead of its April 14 direct listing, Coinbase reports a record quarter, with estimated profits of $730M-$800M in Q1 on revenue of ~$1.8B and 56M verified users (Jeff John Roberts/Decrypt)

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Megvii files for an IPO in Shanghai, which may raise at least $922M; Megvii’s HK IPO application had lapsed after it was blacklisted by the Trump administration (Bloomberg)


Atmosphere TV, which streams ad-supported video channels often without audio, raises a $80M Series C and $20M in debt, bringing its total funding to $140M (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)

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Q&A with John Reed Stark, the SEC’s former Head of Internet Enforcement, on Biden’s crypto EO, how regulation may be a “death knell” for crypto firms, and more (Maxwell Strachan/VICE)