Precautions to Take When Designing a Playground


You’ve found the right place if you’re in search of a secure 안전놀이터. Safeguarding children requires adhering to certain norms and regulations. The CPSC, the ASTM, the NPPS, and others establish these standards. Staff receives annual training to ensure they are aware of the potential dangers posed by playground tools, and these guidelines are reviewed each year.


To guarantee the playground’s safety for kids, builders should adhere to CPSC regulations. Stopping potentially harmful activities, keeping a close eye on kids, and making sure playground equipment is used properly are all part of these rules. To learn more about these regulations, check out the CPSC’s official guidebook.

The guidelines for playground spacing and placement are also included in the manual. For instance, there needs to be a minimum of nine feet between any play structures that are taller than thirty inches. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any needles or broken glass lying around in the play areas. Entrapment can occur if there are more than 3.5 inches of space between two surfaces, so CPSC rules prohibit such a gap.


The ASTM Safety Playground Standard is a set of guidelines for public playground equipment that ensure its quality and security. The age range covered by the standard is two years and up to and including twelve years. Benches, tables, and other structures used for lounging around a park or other public area are exempt. Some public playground equipment is exempt from the standards, which is a relief.

Several factors influence how secure playground equipment is. A playground with a well-thought-out surface can save lives and extend the life of play structures. As part of the performance criteria, playground surfaces must be able to withstand a certain fall height, as specified by the ASTM safety playground standard.

National Preventive Health Services Recommendations

While children’s play is crucial to their growth, it also carries the risk of physical harm. Statistics from the National Program for Prevention Strategies (NPPS) show that unattended play accounts for nearly half of the playground injuries. This is why there should always be an adult present at a playground.

안전놀이터accidents can be avoided with well-maintained playsets and equipment. Parents should keep their children of different ages apart and inspect toys for sharp edges. First aid kits are a must-have for parents.

Playground safety is a yearly topic of instruction for St. Cloud School District employees.

As part of their yearly training, employees in the St. Cloud School District are expected to be aware of the potential dangers posed by playground equipment and to take all necessary precautions when performing playground-related tasks. There shouldn’t be any crevices or gaps larger than four feet in height on playground equipment or surfaces. Playground surfaces and equipment should also be free of any potential tripping hazards, such as sharp points or edges. In addition, playgrounds should be safe environments with adequate supervision at all times.

All employee training documents are kept for five years by the St. Cloud Public Schools. Each file features details such as the training’s date, its agenda, and its structure. Personnel is required to sign the log and make their signatures legible to demonstrate their involvement.

Children’s playgrounds in Qom are extremely dangerous.

Children benefit greatly from having access to a playground. However, they are also important to the functioning of a city as a whole. The city of Qom is especially densely populated, highlighting the need for secure playgrounds for local kids. As a result, the researchers in this study used the Playground Rating System to assess the relative riskiness of Qom’s 98 parks. Additionally, the system’s credibility and validity were assessed. These findings validate the Playground Rating System as a reliable method for evaluating the security of playgrounds and parks.

Even so, Qom’s playgrounds remain dangerous. The playgrounds have been the subject of criticism from some parents. The playground equipment was in disrepair and not being maintained; for example, the merry-go-round was not working. Because of this, some parents started keeping their kids away from the playground.

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