6 common mistakes businesses make when ordering custom stickers

ordering custom stickers

Custom stickers are an excellent way for businesses to promote their brand and attract new customers. From car windows to laptops, custom stickers can be seen everywhere, but unfortunately, there are many common mistakes businesses make when ordering them, which can lead to costly reorders and unhappy customers. In this article, we’ll look into six of the most common mistakes businesses make when ordering custom stickers, as well as some tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Not ordering enough stickers

Businesses often underestimate how many they will need when ordering custom stickers and experience sticker shortages. Not ordering enough can be a huge problem, with businesses having to pay for additional re-prints and shipping fees, as well as the hassle of dealing with an unexpected influx of orders. This is especially relevant in eCommerce, where customers expect timely deliveries. To avoid this mistake, it’s important to accurately estimate how many stickers you will need and order a quantity that is just enough to meet demand.

  1. Ordering the wrong size or shape

Customers frequently underestimate the importance of having the correct size and shape for their custom sticker orders. It’s essential for businesses to measure the area on which the stickers will be placed and ensure that the size of their order is appropriate. If businesses order larger or smaller stickers than required, they run the risk of having to re-order a different size, wasting both time and money.

  1. Choosing the wrong material

Choosing the right material for custom sticker orders is one of the most essential factors in determining how long the stickers will last. The wrong material can lead to fading, cracking, and even shredding over time. Many professional sticker makers offer dozens of materials, so do some research on the different materials available and select one that best meets your needs.

ordering custom stickers

  1. Not considering how the stickers will be used

Businesses need to consider how their custom stickers will be applied and used. For example, if they are going to be placed outdoors, they need to pick a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Do you want to use them to highlight a limited edition sale? Then you’ll need a sparkly material that stands out.

  1. Forgetting to include contact information

Including your contact information and logo on custom stickers is a great way for businesses to build brand recognition and increase customer loyalty. However, many businesses forget to include this essential detail when ordering their stickers, making it difficult for customers to reach out with any questions or comments they may have. If you are not convinced, read more about the power of logo stickers here.

  1. Not proofreading the order before submitting it

One of the most common mistakes made when ordering custom stickers is not proofreading the order before submitting it. This can lead to costly reprints and unhappy customers. To avoid this mistake, businesses should double-check that all information is correct before submitting their order, including spelling, colours, fonts, and contact details.

By avoiding these common mistakes, businesses can ensure their custom stickers are of the highest quality and that they don’t have to worry about costly re-prints or unhappy customers. With a little bit of preparation, businesses can make sure their order is perfect the first time around.

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