7 Foods And Herbs For Natural Pain Relief

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Your gut is the best place to influence good health. The importance of consuming a healthy proportion of the right ingredients regularly is that it can keep your body functioning at its best. It can also reduce the risks of developing ailments and treat chronic conditions.

Food as medicine is a popular practice that can change the way we look at our diets. The right ingredients from the kitchen can aid in reducing pain and inflammation as well.  If you are planning to create a pain management diet, then here are seven magic ingredients from your kitchen that can work miracles.


Ginger has been a reliable herb to cure several digestive ailments for many centuries in the Asian region. It forms a dominant part of the cuisine here.

But apart from giving you a clean gut, ginger can also help soothe inflammation in several parts of the body. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre ginger could treat motion sickness, morning sickness during pregnancy, nausea, and vomiting post-chemotherapy. It can help with chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis as well.

Studies indicate that the effects of ginger are far more dominant than steroidal drugs for coping with pain. It can work effectively to curb joint pain with fewer side effects compared to existing prescribed medications.

The unique flavor and fragrance of ginger come from the natural oils known as gingerol. It is responsible for the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antioxidant effects. Ginger is a delicious and powerful ingredient to add to your diet.  It can also fight off menstrual cramps and pain, which is an added benefit for women.

Consuming a spoonful of dried ginger can have strong analgesic effects. Alternatively, you can also include two spoons of fresh ginger in your tea, juices, or other regular recipes. It adds an extraordinary flavor to the recipe.


Cannabis is the newest addition as a kitchen staple in many households. From herbal tea recipes to delicious pesto sauce preparations, cannabis is making its way into the world in different forms. High-quality products from a cannabis store like NuLeaf Naturals can have incredible therapeutic benefits.

The cannabinoid profile of the cannabis plant is responsible for these properties. Many people refrain from using cannabis due to THC or the psychoactive compound. But CBD, on the other hand, does not contain THC and shows fantastic health benefits without psychoactive properties.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD are potent in dealing with chronic pain conditions. It includes pain due to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. The compound binds at the site of CB receptors to regulate the inflammatory response of the body.  It also influences the concentrations of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. It elevates happy hormones in the system. It helps to reduce the intensity of pain and cope with it better.

CBD is available in several forms to offer pain relief. For example, balms and lotions can be the best choice to relieve pain in local areas such as joints. Additionally, consuming CBD oil or tincture regularly through diet helps to enhance the therapeutic benefits. They do not carry any dominant flavors and can blend well with regular recipes easily. With time the cannabinoids can bring balance to the body and relieve pain effectively.


Salmon is rich in omega fatty acids, which could be beneficial to fight pain and inflammation. Combined with vitamin D, it can benefit individuals who have arthritis.

Apart from salmon, sardines and herring are also low mercury and oil-rich varieties like the former. They are known to ease back, neck, and joint pain.

In a healthy individual, the spinal disk contains blood vessels that transport the necessary nutrients to the body. The absence of proper blood flow indicates that the source of oxygen and essential nutrients are low. It could cause degeneration and pain. The omega fatty acids and vitamin profile of these fishes can help recover from inflammation in the blood vessels. The swelling could obstruct blood flow and cause pain.

If you love to cook fish, including simple recipes with these fish varieties at least three times a week can be beneficial. If you are not comfortable eating them, then fish oil pills can be the next best alternative. The right dose of necessary nutrients from the oils will aid in pain relief.

4. Turmeric

As the golden spice that occupies a special place in ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is an essential herb that can bring several health benefits. It has been a part of Chinese medicine as well to treat common ailments such as digestive disorders. It is a powerful antiseptic used for treating wounds and infections.

This spice is brimming with a spectrum of nutrients and essential chemicals that make it a potent choice for pain relief. The presence of a chemical known as curcumin is said to initiate the anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps to protect the body from inflammation in the joints as well as reduce tissue destruction. It, in turn, improves the overall health of the nervous system and the nerve cells.

Research suggests that the spice could have incredible effects to treat chronic pain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. A study relieved in 2009 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that turmeric could relieve pain from osteoarthritis. It also eases muscle pain, stiffness, and discomfort.

You can include turmeric in tea, juices, shakes, or drink a glass of turmeric in warm milk. Apart from pain relief, the spice can also induce relaxation and improve sleep.

5. Cinnamon

The enchanting taste and bold aroma of cinnamon could light up your kitchen in impeccable flavors. Like turmeric, the spice has been a popular kitchen ingredient utilized to strengthen the immune system. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in treating autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

The presence of cinnamaldehyde is responsible for reducing blood platelet clumping that affects blood circulation in joints. It leads to the production of inflammatory fatty acids that cause swelling and pain. The chemical blocks the release of the acid and protects the joints from inflammation. It also prevents the immune system from attacking the tissues in the joint regions to suppress pain.

CBD gummies

Cinnamon is also beneficial to treat osteoarthritis caused due to joint wear and tear. It reduces the intensity of bone degeneration from the joints that could cause weakness.

You can consume a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with honey in the morning or sprinkle this delicious spice on lattes, cereals, juices, milkshakes.

6. Coffee

A warm cup of coffee can beat any medicine when it comes to curbing headaches. Most of us relish a fresh brew first thing in the morning because it keeps us rejuvenated and active to face the challenges of the day. But coffee can be a potent pain-relieving ingredient as well.

Many suggest that consuming caffeine influences the perception of pain and makes it more bearable. It could be the reason why chocolates and tea also have a relaxing and soothing effect. Studies suggest that caffeine can also narrow the dilated blood vessels in the head to relieve headaches. A combination of the two effects helps with pain management and relaxation.

An important point to remember while using coffee for pain relief is that caffeine can have the opposite effect if you suffer from an addiction. It could initiate withdrawal headaches in this case. Caffeine works best for pain relief among those who do not have a habit of consuming it regularly.

You can also check CBD gummies for better health guidelines.

7. Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are flavor-filled treats enriched with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The red pigmentation and the sour flavors are due to the presence of powerful antioxidants.

Studies show that tart or sour cherries can reduce uric acid formation in the blood that induce inflammation and pain in joints.  These are common symptoms during chronic conditions such as arthritis, along with redness and swelling.

The combination of antioxidants, along with other nutrients, is said to initiate analgesic effects in users. They are also great healers of muscle pain and discomfort. It makes it one of the most recommended ingredients for athletes.

Consuming a glass of tart cherry juice regularly for seven days before a major athletic event can ease discomfort, pain, and soreness in muscles. It can also alleviate pain and swelling in joints and rejuvenate the body.

Now that you know how simple it is to incorporate these wonderful ingredients into your recipe, it is time to plan out a healthy diet to fight inflammation and pain naturally. Using these ingredients with your regular pain treatments can also enhance the effects and provide you quick relief. Make sure to consume these ingredients at just the right amounts for the best benefits.

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