Budget Friendly Best STP Packers List of 2023 & 2024

Best STP Packers

What is an STP packer?

STP packer is a silicone-made prosthetic that helps you to stand to pee in front of public washrooms. It allows packing the gear anywhere. It represents masculinity or masculine character.

Who provides STP packers?

Few companies provide these STP packers. You may search for the names in Google. The companies Axolom, Transguysupply, Mrimin, Early2bed, Pymander, Emisil, realmagik provide FTM STP packers. Translgbtq.com share the 3 in 1 STP Packers list.

Which are the best STP packers?

According to the old year 2022, there are only a few FTM packing gears that are highly recommended for the new year 2023 and the upcoming years 2024, and 2025 and continue. Here we share the best STP PACKERS in 2023 & upcoming years. Check the below:

  • Axolom Knight

  • Axolom Thinker

  • Axolom Handy

  • Axolom Homerun

  • Mrimin Ultra Realistic Packer

  • Axolom Astro

  • Jimmy STP

  • Early2bed 4’5 Realistic STP device

  • Banana STP 4

  • Sam STP

  • Emisil Compact STP Packer

  • Number One STP

  • Sport STP packer

  • Model A STP

  • Transguysupply Lou STP

  • TG supply Free STP

  • TG Supply Free XL STP

We have been following multiple sites but we don’t get any sites where everyone can get all the FTM packing gear such as STP packers, ftm packing boxers or underwear, flags, etc. Then one day we found the TransLGBTQ site. They share very informative blog articles for the transgender community.

We found they shared the list of best STP packers including various product reviews and chest binders. Product reviews help us know a product’s pros and cons. They share their honest reviews. They build a good community through their blog. We highly appreciate it.

How to pick an STP packer?

It’s really hard to say which gear is suitable for your body. We highly recommended purchasing 4 different packers such as Axolom Thinker, Hoodie, Astro, and Knight in Axolom. Because the model is really adjusted with body structure. Use an STP packer for at least 2-3 months. If any packers are adjusted or suitable, then select the packing gear permanently and sell other gear. It will reduce costs.

Why you shouldn’t choose expensive FTM packers?

The reason behind it is very costly and expensive. A beginner trans guy uses all the money for their hormone therapy and surgeries. So, It’s complicated to buy an STP packer for 500$/1000$. Now It’s definitely your choice.

Which is the best FTM Packing Gear for Trans guys?

We would like to recommend Axolom Thinker with their axolom STP jockstrap and trunk. This gear is most favorite and a good option. Alternatively, you can try Emisil Goldfinger or Axolom Handy/ Knight. We didn’t find any good gear for packing emisil Goldfinger. We couldn’t say It’s the best. You can try whatever you want.

Thanks for reading the article. We would love to get your responses. Please check the following link for more information.

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