C & C GreenRhino LLC

Providing high-quality products in the construction and building industry with qualified architects, professionals, and contractors, GreenRhino LLC is a transportation, real estate, and construction enterprise. They are aware of what is necessary to meet consumer needs and establish a solid rapport.

Motive of C & C GreenRhino LLC

The main goal of a business is to make its customers’ lives easier by releasing high-quality products onto the market. They are committed to preserving an honest and respectful connection with their customers. The C & C GreenRhino’s US headquarters are in Pennsylvania and Maryland.
What Do Their Clients Think About Their Services?
They began construction on my rooftop, and everything went smoothly. My satisfaction with their services was a top priority for the business. They work diligently and are totally committed to their task. After three days of rain, I started to leak, and they mended it for free. I would like to collaborate with them. John.

“I got in touch with the business to have my roof and sidings installed. Everything was completed without difficulty or hassle. They only made one phone call to arrange the services, and they were quite polite. My roof received excellent work from the roofers at affordable prices. David.

C & C GreenRhino Trucking LLC’s final conclusion
The business focuses on offering top-notch architectural and construction services. They are eager to provide consumers with high-quality items and are prepared to do so in a variety of fields.

Additionally, they provide a variety of goods since they believe in keeping a healthier and safer environment for their customers. They care about the safety of their customers whether they are selling cleaning products, safety equipment, or apparel, and they will continue to do so in the future. The best they can do is to serve the customers.

Introduction to the Owner: A Few Words

Elvis Wanda-Eze, who also serves as the CEO of the architectural and technology firms Wanda Dezine and the director of Elvachi Pharmacies, developed the C & C GreenRhino Company. He is an architect and businessman committed to offering customers top-notch goods across a range of industries.

What Services Do They Provide for Their Clients?

There are siling ship groups that travel all over the United States under the C & C GreenRhino. These are trucks that are both automated and manual.

Additionally, they provide construction and maintenance services for both residential and commercial structures.

GreenRhino has established itself as a well-known brand by producing high-quality goods like clothing, safety gear, construction tools, cleaning supplies, apparel, and masks.

Pharmacy and Stores in Elvachi

Elvis Wanda Eze and Lisa Wanda established the Elvachi pharmacy and businesses to offer services in the medical and health fields. The business was established in 2018 and has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

What Services Do They Plan to Offer in the Future?

In order to fulfill customer requests, GreenRhino constantly works to offer the best and highest-quality items to its customers. They support bringing the world together to find cutting-edge answers.

Additionally, the business is creating dependable and sustainable programs for architecture and building and is offering solutions in practically every industry.

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