CSGO Strategy And Map Callouts Dust 2

Callouts Dust 2

CSGO Strategy And Map Callouts Dust 2 When you return to the popular Dust 2 map, you can not only learn the strategies of the offensive and defensive sides after the start, but also learn the detailed Map Callouts Dust 2 to help you become an unstoppable sand King of Dust.

CSGO Strategy And Map Callouts Dust 2

Map Callouts Dust 2

In order for you to further recall the location on each map, please read the compiled Map Callouts Dust 2, which has the name of each tactical point marked on it, so that you can understand the name of the location that appears below.

Map Callouts Dust 2

CSGO Strategy

After you understand the map marking points, you can start to understand some tactical ideas after the opening. Offensive first, and since Map Callouts Dust 2 has you familiarized yourself with each tactical position, the next things to memorize are easy.

There are two types of offensive openings, the first is to grab a big start, and the second is not to grab a big start. When grabbing a big start, you need 3 players, that is, 3 of the 5 offensive players.

Here we focus on what the other two people do by default. It is best to start with incendiary bombs, or if you can use sniping, there are various methods. The only thing you need to do in this round is to block the middle lane, and don’t let the people in the middle lane go up to attack the back of the big A teammate. Then tell the default teammate at point b as much as possible, whether anyone has entered hole b. If you are very close to the secret passage, and you happen to have an incendiary bomb in your hand, you can throw the incendiary bomb into the secret passage at the beginning. When the bullet exploded, the CT on the opposite side may have just come here, and it may be very fatal if he steps on this bullet.

Therefore, most cts generally will not step on this fire, and a small part of cts will step on the fire and go to the b1 layer. A smaller part of ct will put out the fire. In short, throwing this fire has a high probability that the opponent will not press forward on the b1 layer. This is a good way to play closer to this secret passage.

In the second case, you are a sniper. In this way, you can see if the opponent is pushing forward, or if you are more courageous, you can directly jump to see if there is any pushing forward in the middle when your teammates are about to enter Gate A. But this time period b1 should have entered. So you can’t see the ct that goes into b1, you can only see if there is a ct that goes forward, and getting this information is enough. Then tell your teammates about the situation, and come over to ambush the enemies attacking your teammates on road a. These two ideas are helpful for CSGO players of any rank.

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CSGO Strategy And Map Callouts Dust 2 believes that it can help most players get familiar with Map Callouts Dust 2 and the combat ideas of this map. Use the incendiary bomb to delay the enemy’s time, and then sneak attack the enemy on the a road. This is the simplest and most effective game strategy.

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