Designing and Installing a Safety Playground


When designing and installing a 안전놀이터, you should think about several factors. For example, it is important to choose a safe and well-placed playground design, preferably with equipment that is spaced evenly. Another important issue is whether the surfacing levels are adequate. The level of surfacing should be checked regularly. If the surfacing is too high, the playground may be dangerous for children. It is also important to choose durable and quality playground equipment.

Quality equipment

One of the most important factors in creating a safe playground for children is age-appropriate playground equipment. When selecting equipment for a playground, the equipment should be appropriate for the age group of the children, since each has different needs and abilities. Additionally, it is important to regularly inspect playground equipment to ensure it is in good condition. Improperly maintained equipment can cause accidents and injuries.

To ensure a safe playground, the play equipment should be installed on a surface with a critical height factor. The Critical Height factor of each piece of playground equipment should be calculated according to the predicted fall heights of the equipment. The CPSC recommends installing safety surfacing at a depth less than 9 inches below the Fall Height of the equipment.

Safe playground design

When planning a playground, one of the most important factors is safety. If your child is learning how to walk, a sidewalk is an essential component of a safe playground design. It prevents kids from slipping on wet floors and keeps them stable as they learn to walk. The sidewalk should be at least two feet long.

The surface you choose for your playground is another important factor. While it is common for playgrounds to use concrete or blacktop, this type of surface may not be safe for children. These days, safety-tested rubber and loose-fill materials are popular choices. The key is to ensure that they are not compacted while they are being installed.

Properly spaced equipment

Properly spaced playground equipment can reduce the chance of injury to young children. For example, swings should be spaced at least 60 centimeters from each other and 76 centimeters from the frame. Also, spaces and openings in playground equipment should be at least eight centimeters wide. It is also helpful to have playground signs to separate play areas and point out dangerous areas.

Playgrounds should also have a shock-absorbing surface. The best way to achieve this is to use loose-fill type surfaces, as recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product 안전놀이터Commission and ASTM International standards. These surfaces should meet two key standards: an impact standard of 200G and a Head Injury Criterion of 1000. Similarly, playgrounds should have protective barriers around elevated play structures, which must have guardrails and protective barriers.

Checking surfacing levels

When designing a safe playground, you need to pay special attention to the surfacing levels. The surfacing needs to extend at least 1.8 meters beyond the highest pieces of equipment. The deeper the surfacing, the better. You also need to check for any nearby hazards, such as cliffs, lakes, or high-traffic areas. You also need to keep the surfacing away from a hazard by installing fences or thick hedges.

In addition to the surface material, it is also important to pay special attention to the drainage of the playground. In colder climates, loose-fill surfaces can become unstable due to frozen moisture. When moisture freezes, it makes the surface less resilient and reduces impact attenuation. You need to eliminate excess water from the surface before it freezes. This will not only minimize the potential for damage to the surface but will also make the playground surface last longer.

Adult supervision

Adult supervision at safety playgrounds is crucial to ensure the safety of the children playing there. Studies show that as many as 40 percent of playground injuries can be attributed to insufficient adult supervision. The role of the adult supervisor is to watch for potential hazards, facilitate play when necessary, and be on hand in case of an injury. In addition, playground equipment should be age-appropriate and separated by age group.

Effective adult supervision at safety playgrounds must be active and visible. An adult supervisor must be alert and understand the rules and procedures for the playground, as well as the development of children. He or she must observe children at all times and use knowledge of child development to anticipate potential problems or correct a child’s behavior.

CCA-treated wood

The EPA has directed owners of public playgrounds that are made of CCA-treated wood to take measures to minimize the risk of CCA leaching from playground structures. One option is to coat pressure-treated wood with a penetrating coating. This will help prevent the migration of the wood preservative chemicals.

This treatment contains the substance CCA, which is a compound of arsenic and related compounds. It is also a wood-preserving substance that can be hazardous for children, especially those who play with the equipment regularly. Children should wash their hands after playing outdoors and before eating. Those who work with CCA-treated wood should wear protective equipment such as a dust mask, goggles, and gloves. The residue from pressure-treated wood must be disposed of properly. The wood should never be burned. The toxic chemicals are released into the smoke.

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