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If you have a business, you need highly efficient advertising. Advertising is so important and it can make you more visible. For advertising, you need a popular platform because the more audiences your advertising targets, the higher chances of sales you have. Since social networks and some messengers have many users worldwide, they can be the best choice. One of the most popular messengers is Telegram, in which you can advertise in 3 forms.

Ways of Advertising in Telegram

  1. Advertising in channels:

In this method, you ask a channel admin to publish your ad in the channel. Your post will remain the last post of the channel until it reaches the desired views, clicks, hours, etc. As it is clear the more members the channel has and the closer it is to your business field, the better results you will see from advertising!

  1. Advertising in groups:

In the second method, you send your ads in supergroups but this advertising method is not recommended because your message may get lost among the large number of messages sent in the group and people may not pay attention to your message. You can also create your own group and add your target audiences to it. You should pay attention to the limit of adding members to the groups. You can just add 50 members in 24 hours using each account (SIM). To bypass this restriction, you should use more SIMs (Telegram accounts).

  1. Advertising in direct chat:

In this method, you send advertising direct messages to your target audiences. Since people always pay special attention to the direct messages they receive, you are sure that your ads will be seen in this method. Even out of curiosity, they will open your message to see who sent them the message. In this case, if you provide an attractive message text as your ad, you will persuade the audiences to read your message, and not ignore it but simultaneously you need to consider the Telegram restrictions, which do not allow each Telegram account to send messages to more than 50 strangers (the people who have not saved your number in their contacts or have not already catted with you) a day. To bypass this restriction, you should use more SIMs (Telegram accounts). If you are thinking of performing all these tasks (sending bulk DMs to anonymous people, using several SIMs manually, etc.) manually, we should warn you that it is not easy.

How to advertise on Telegram easily?

As we mentioned above, advertising activities on Telegram are difficult and time-consuming. Obviously, you need to use a tool that can do all these activities automatically. Such a tool (a software program or a bot) can send bulk messages to groups as well as direct chat, and add people to groups without your Telegram accounts getting restricted. In the following, we want to introduce you to three of these bots and compare them with each other.

  • vUser Telegram Mass DM Bot
  • Telegram Auto
  • Texsender

vUser Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package

Telegram Mass DM Bot package includes several bots for advertising in Telegram and sending bulk messages. Some of the most important bots that exist in this package are: Send a message to phone numbers bot, Extract groups member’s information (name, username, etc.) bot, send messages to IDs Bot, etc. this package has many unique features that we will introduce to you in the following.

Unique Features of the Virtual User Bot

  1. Ability to send bulk messages in groups
  2. Ability to send bulk direct messages
  3. Ability to bypass Telegram restrictions
  4. Ability to add members to groups
  5. Ability to forwarding message
  6. Ability to extract group members usernames and send them direct messages
  7. Ability to send unique messages to each username or mobile number
  8. Automated switch between accounts
  9. Ability to skip mobile numbers that are not on Telegram
  10. Ability to continue work from where it has been paused (in re-execution)
  11. Ability to deliver reports on completed tasks
  12. Ability to use accounts secured with a 2-step password
  13. Containing the tutorial files on how to use the software
  14. This Bot also does not work with API

The Telegram Auto Software

Telegram Auto is a Windows-based software that helps you to make advertising activities easier. Using this software, you can advertise purposefully on Telegram. It means, this software can export members from your competitor’s groups and add them to your business group. In this case, you can grow your audiences and show or introduce your content and products by sending them advertising messages. In the following, you can see the features or positive and negative points of this software.

Telegram Marketing Software Features

  1. AddTelegram Members to Group and channels.
  2. Export Telegram groups members.
  3. Export the Telegram channel’s members if you are the admin of that channel.
  4. Send bulk messages to any Telegram group members.
  5. Import Telegram users’ IDs and send bulk messages to Telegram users for marketing.

–       This software cannot work with private groups.

–       This software works with API and your account will be recognized as a bot and this can be the reason for your account being blocked and banned.

The Texsender Software

This software uses Telegram Web technology and helps people to send Telegram messages from a computer easily and quite effectively to their desired audiences. The Texsender has features for sending bulk direct messages and advertisements in Telegram. If you want to know the reasons why this software is useful, stay tuned.

The Texsender Features

  1. Ability to add members in bulk to your intended group securely and quickly.
  2. Ability to import recipients to your Telegram contacts.
  3. Ability to Send various content likephotos, videos, links, and emojis with textual content.
  4. Ability to send messages to people whom you have not saved in your contacts
  5. To prevent restrictions, you can set a delay between messages.
  6. Various delivery options such as a list of intended IDs or numbers and intended groups.

–       It does not have any tutorials about advertising in Telegram messenger


In this article, we explained advertising in Telegram and The Best Methods of Advertising & Marketing in Telegram for 2022. We introduced to you three methods of advertising on Telegram messenger and compared them with each other. We tried to introduce you to the methods that you can use to have a more effective advertisement on Telegram.
Now you can choose the best way of advertising on Telegram between these three methods to have a high efficiency.

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