How Hulu has set the course for streaming websites in the future


Ever since the cord-cutting streaming platforms have come to light, streamers and binge-watchers have only increased. While there are numerous streaming platforms like Netflix, ViuTV, Disney Plus, and of course, Hulu, more people join in the fun of streaming.

While many sites are region restricted, the skyrocketing popularity makes up for it.

Hulu is a fairly popular streaming site. The website was launched in 2007 and has since pushed out shows like Dopesick, The Handmaid’s tale, Only Murders in the building, and more. The Emmy award-winning shows with global fame all result from the very streaming site pushing them out. These Hulu original shows

So how come more and more people are joining the geo-restricted site, and how has Hulu changed the course of cord-cutting streaming sites by setting the bar?

Let us look at some of the most amazing features of Hulu.

Hulu Bundles are a Trendsetter!

Unlike many streaming sites, Hulu has some amazing bundle deals. Unfortunately, having a subscription to every streaming channel is nearly impossible. Alas, what must be the solution, since different media have different platforms have various shows, like Netflix has Squid games and stranger things, HBO Max has the house of dragons, and more?

Well, if you subscribe to Hulu, it has some fantastic streaming giants in its bundle; when you get Hulu, you can also watch the content of Disney Plus, HBO, and ESPN. Isn’t that a steal deal?

Hulu Subscription Pausing feature

Keeping in mind today’s time, Hulu has designed its streaming platform to cater to its user, ultimately making it highly user-friendly.

The new feature of Hulu that allows you to pause your subscription is great.

If you are traveling outside of the USA, like Germany, you would be unable to access Hulu in Germany without a VPN as it is geo-restricted. You can simply pause your subscription for up to 12 weeks. Upon returning, you can just as easily resume your plan and start enjoying Hulu.

The leverage to not pay for the months your subscription is paused a very user-friendly feature to incorporate.

Keeping an Eye out for the new Episodes.

It’s the 21st century, and we desire ease and comfort. The days of troubling ourselves over the smallest of things are long gone. Binging a show that is waiting on the new season or new episodes?

With Hulu’s new feature, you will be alerted when your favorite show’s episode is aired, eventually making your Hulu subscription more customized and user-friendly to your needs.

Personalizing your Subtitles

By making the account personalized and customized to your needs. Hulu has an amazing feature of subtitles customization you can use to alter the captions to your needs.

By making such features, you can use these to binge classic American and French movies without making an extra effort.

Follow the steps to edit your subtitles. Simply open settings and head to the Subtitles and Captions menu.

Now drag the bar to play with the color, size, and font that is easiest for you to track and read.

Customize your Ads.

Nothing is worse in the world than being interrupted by Ads when streaming. While you can choose the ad-free account, if you don’t wish to do that, the option to pick an ad you want to watch can at least make it bearable.

Want to know how? First, pick the Ad selector tool and choose between advertisements you can bear to sit through.

Hulu Shows and Movies download

Hulu is unavailable in regions outside of the US. So if you are trying to enjoy Hulu on the go, the downloading and saving feature will be your saving grace.

The hyper tech feature not only downloads the shows in your account but also makes it possible to watch when you are in a geo-restricted area, like outside of the US.

We don’t rave about Hulu for anything. However, Hulu has many more amazing features; you can turn your phone into a remote and tweak the algorithm of your Hulu account to be personalized to show you your favorite shows and movies.

What is the waiting for? Get the Hulu app and start binging your favorite shows and movies!

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