How to Play Metaverse Games – The Ultimate Guide

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The metaverse is nothing less of an enigma. People claim it to be the next evolution in our digital lives. Some say that the metaverse is a miracle that will solve all our online privacy issues. And take us to a utopian digital land.

From a more practical point of view, the metaverse is the next big thing that has the potential to be an important part of our everyday lives. That future is still a few years ahead. At present, we have metaverse games that offer a gateway into the potential of the metaverse.

So if you’ve heard all about metaverse, crypto gaming, play to earn, you must be wondering how to play these cryptic games. We have a comprehensive guide that will briefly touch upon each step you need to start your metaverse gaming. From choosing the right game to investing in the right in-game assets, you will understand the basics to start playing a metaverse game.

Choose a Metaverse Game

A few years back, you had a limited pool of metaverse games. But we have dozens of metaverse games out there, competing for your attention and playtime. So which one do you join?

Well, it depends on your preference. If you like card games, NFTDuel by XANA is a good choice. If you’re inclined towards survival games, Thetan Arena has you covered. For those who want pets like those in Pokémon, Axie Infinity will keep them occupied.

Whichever game you decide to play, ensure that the community is active and the game isn’t a scam. Once confirmed, it’s time to create your account in the game. Each game has different mechanics and rules, so keep your eyes peeled for any important detail that may come in handy later.

Create a Crypto Wallet

If you want to enjoy the game to its maximum, you need to have in-game currency. You can get in-game coins by exchanging fiat currency for them. And you need a crypto wallet to do all of this.

With a crypto wallet, you can purchase in-game assets (NFTs) and use those to elevate your gaming experience. MetaMask is one of the most famous crypto wallets, supported by numerous metaverses.

Creating an account on MetaMask is simple, but you need to ensure your password is safe at all costs. You also get a 12-24 pin code. Keep that in mind because no one else knows that code, not even MetaMask. And if lost, you may end up losing all your crypto assets in that particular wallet.

Buy Some Cryptocurrency

Now you have a crypto wallet and need currency to put in it. So start buying cryptocurrency with real money.

There are some big crypto exchanges that you can use for conversion. Binance is one of the bigger ones. You can directly swap your fiat currency for a cryptocurrency available on the exchange. The process is made simpler by the fact that Binance and other centralized exchanges support debit/credit cards.

There are decentralized exchanges that require you to buy a standard cryptocurrency first and then exchange it for the desired in-game currency. Before putting your crypto on the line, you need to confirm if the exchange is reliable.

Buy/Sell NFTs

The biggest appeal of metaverse games: in-game assets have real-world value. You can buy NFTs to use in the game from the local metaverse marketplace. Many games have a secondary marketplace that’s run directly by the players, where you can easily swap your NFTs for some other items without involving the game developers.

Join a Guild

If buying in-game items seems like too much of an entry cost, you’re not alone. There are numerous players who’re not sure if they should invest considerable sums in a particular game.

For those players, there are guilds – created by players themselves. These guilds have certain rules and can rent items to players who are a part of the guild. This can help beginners level up without spending hefty amounts.

Governing Tokens

While we’re at it, we should also disclose the governing tokens. These tokens are not used in the gameplay itself but to make important decisions about the game itself. Significant changes in the game are decided by voting, and the more governing tokens one has, the more leverage they have.

You can purchase these governing tokens directly from the marketplace. Or grind and earn these by playing the game.

Start Playing!

Now you know what it takes to start playing a metaverse game, what’s the wait?

Create an account and follow all the steps for a smooth entry into the metaverse gaming world.

Good Luck! Be seeing you.

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