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FTM Transition

What is FTM Transition?

FTM transition means the procedure of starting the physical transformation from a female body to a male body through hormone replacement therapy and multiple surgeries such as top surgery, bottom surgery, facial surgeries, and voice changing surgeries.

Before starting the hormone replacement therapy, we must visit a professional physiatrist to have a certified letter of having Gender Dysphoria. You can tell the doctor if you have other mental issues such as anxiety, depression, etc. Then, you can start finding trans friendly endocrinologist who will follow the hormone replacement therapy procedure.

The endocrinologist refers to some medical tests which ensure your blood level and other health charts as well. You should tell him before taking hormones if you have any other disease.

Before Top surgery, you can pass your FTM transition through chest binders, STP packers, packing underwear, etc.

Chest binders decrease chest dysphoria and Top surgery removes chest dysphoria permanently.

Top Surgery

The first step of surgery for a transman is top surgery. The top surgery is also known as mastectomy. The procedure allows you to remove the breast tissues and flatten your chest. It’s a 1-2 hours surgery procedure. The cost of top surgery is around 1000$-10,000$. Depends on the surgeon, and hospitals.

Bottom dysphoria can decrease through FTM STP Packers. Bottom surgery removes the bottom dysphoria permanently.

Bottom Surgery

Bottom surgery is a multi-stage surgical procedure. Every patient needs to be mentally and psychically strong to have the surgery. Though every transman is different, some trans guys would like to live happily without bottom surgery. Any trans man

First Stage: Ovary & Uteruses removal

Second Stage: Penis Creation

Third Stage: Vaginotomy and scrotum Creation.

Fourth Stage: Penile Implant

Additional stages may need for specific cases. Though It’s not the same for everyone, we don’t include it.

How does an ftm trans man live their life without bottom surgery?

Bottom surgery is an optional surgery that includes huge complications. A surgery includes bed rests. Bottom surgery is a long procedure that not everyone goes through. Now they start finding alternative gears such as STPs, packing gear, and other alternative gears.

STP Packer: STP packer is a gear that is made for ftm trans guys. It helps to stand to pee in front of public washrooms through the funnel. Silicone prosthetics made it very realistic. It decreases bottom dysphoria. Read: How to buy a FTM STP Packer.

FTM Packing Underwear: It is innerwear. It helps a trans man to pack the STP packer inside the packing underwear. It has a hole or an O ring. Most of the packing underwear has two or three layers. Read: FTM Gear – Best FTM Packing Gear That Made Your Transition Comfortable

How does a trans man start a relationship?

When a trans man like a girl or boy, he starts to impress them. Some are trans-friendly and some are trans-phobic. Be aware of it. If you feel they accept you as you are. Then you can start the relationship. Otherwise, leave it and find a new one.

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