Is It Possible to Rebuild Corrupted PST Files?


PST files or MS Outlook data files are undoubtedly extremely important factors to store all the essential mailbox items such as notes, calendar items, contacts, and emails. However, the PST files are not invincible and they suffer from occasional or frequent corruption due to both software and hardware failure.

When the PST files are corrupted, many people assume that all of their essential data and mailbox items have been lost permanently. But this is a misconception as you can recover the data easily while also repairing the corrupted PST files. This is possible with different types of PST repair tools that will help you recover the data loss while also recovering the PST files from damages or corruption.

Continue reading the article to know different aspects of the PST file recovery. Without further introduction, let’s get started.

What Do You Know about PST Files? How Can You Use Them?
The PST files, also known as MS Outlook data files or Personal Storage Table files are one of two file formats that can be used to save the mailbox items. The PST files are capable of supporting different file formats – from contacts and emails to notes and calendar items.

PST was invented by MS developers. Since the introduction, it’s been 20 years since the PST file format is being used by MS Outlook to store the local copies of the mailbox items.

Due to their ability to store different types of files and their longevity, the PST file format is one of the best options for archiving and backup. However, PST files are famous for outlook corruption; MS Outlook developers suggest that users not use the PST files for long-term storage options.

Signs That Will Indicate Corruption of PST Files
Even though determining whether the PST files have been corrupted or not is a difficult task, there are many signs that you need to watch for that will help you with the process. One of the most common signs of PST file corruption is that it will fail to open in MS Outlook. Here are the different behaviors of the PST files when they are corrupted:

If you’re fortunate, MS Outlook will detect problems associated with the PST files and ask you to fix them as soon as possible.
Sometimes Outlook will say that there is a problem regarding system resources.
Other times, whenever you want to open the MS Outlook application, it will crash immediately.
Most of the time, corruption happens because the PST files haven’t been closed properly. For example, if you’re including new items in the PST files, the hard drive might crash during the writing process, which will leave the PST files in an invalid state. This means that the PST files will be corrupted and you won’t be able to access them until you perform a repair. Not to mention, the data structure of the PST file will also be damaged which might cause permanent data loss.

How Can You Repair PST Files Using Our PST Repair Tool?
Even if the PST files are corrupted, you can still recover your essential data with the help of our PST repair tool. This is because most of the time only a small fragment of data gets corrupted, which means your actual data is still safe and intact.

When you use our PST repair tool, you will be able to transfer all the essential data from the corrupted PST files to a new PST file. You don’t need to worry about data integrity as our tool doesn’t perform any type of reading or writing operations on the corrupted PST files. In short, you can get your data back without causing any further damage.

How Long Will the Process Take?
This is one of the most common questions people ask all the time. If you have bigger files, the PST rebuilding process will take more time. As the process contains writing, processing, and reading the data of the corrupted PST files, the time is taken to complete the process is dependent on the contents as well as the size of the PST files. Not to mention, the speed of your processor and storage will also play an important role in this process. If your computer runs on SSD, the process won’t take more than an hour, despite the size of the file. As per Tech Buyer, SSDs are more effective at read and write operations. However, if you have an HDD, you might have to wait for a couple of hours.

Should You Stop Using PST Files?
This is another common question people ask after we help them recover their data and fix the damaged PST files. Even though the PST files are prone to corruption, remember that there are no reliable options that can store the items of MS Exchange. This is why you should not stop using the PST files. The PST files not only offer long-term irretrievability but also portability.

Now that you know that rebuilding corrupted PST files is possible, you don’t need to worry much. Make sure you contact us if you need further assistance.

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