Minecraft Education Edition Bedrock Edition Guide

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is divided into the Education Edition and the Bedrock Edition with the “Education Edition” function turned on. Some players don’t know much about this version. In fact, after installing Minecraft Education Edition Bedrock Edition , we can turn on the education version function in the options. The purpose of this article is to introduce the system and gameplay of this version to players, so stay tuned.

Education Edition Bedrock Edition Guide

After using the creative mode to enter the world, we can get five kinds of cubes from the item bar, and the survival mode cannot be obtained except by cheating.

Element Constructor, Compound Creator, Experiment Bench, Material Decomposer, Element Block (119 types).

Block (119 types).

The following are elements 1~118 and the illustrated handbook of existing elements:

existing elements

Elements of different colors represent different kinds of elements:

Dark blue: alkali metal.

Light blue: alkaline earth metals.

Grey: transition metals.

Pink (spiral): Lanthanides.

Violet: actinides.

Pink (striped): metalloid.

Green: other non-metals.

Orange: halogen.

Purple (circular pattern): Noble gases.

The “?” element is special than other elements, and it refers to elements that do not exist in reality.

We can get “?” elements by dismantling things that don’t exist in reality, such as nether rock and end rock.

end rock

The element block is just a texture and does not have all other properties in reality.

Hydrogen, Magnesium, Carbon:


Element constructor:

Element constructor

This is the block used in chemistry, which allows the player to build elements by adjusting the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Using the element builder opens an interface with a large display and three adjustable proton, neutron and electron sliders with optional text entry boxes next to the sliders. The slider bar is labeled with the particle type, as well as its charge state. By moving the slider or entering a number in the text, the large display will show the selected number of particles. The display on the right will show a model of the atom.

Constructed elements and isotopes can be moved out in the output column to the right of the element display.

Additionally, an element in the inventory can be plugged into the output bar to see its proton, electron, and neutron counts. There are 118 elements and 400 isotopes available for construction.

Compound Creator:

Compound Creator

is a block used in chemistry. It allows the creation of more than 30 compounds by combining elements. This includes certain items that are available in normal play. Using a key through the Compound Creator opens the 3 by 3 table and places elements in it.



An item made in chemistry from a combination of many elements. Compounds can be crafted through the compound creator. Compounds can be completed by putting the number of elements corresponding to the chemical formula of the compound.

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