Over the Counter Treatment For Genital Herpes

genital herpes treatment over the counter

If you have been infected with genital herpes, you may be wondering how to treat it. You can find a number of over the counter treatment for genital herpes, which include creams, ointments, supplements, and topical solutions. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to follow the instructions on the label. Although not a cure for genital herpes, the right treatment will help you treat the outbreak and keep the infection at bay.

The first treatment is an antiviral medication. You should start taking antiviral drugs within the first few days of the outbreak. This helps the symptoms disappear more quickly and prevent any complications that may occur. These medications include aciclovir, famciclovir, and valaciclovir. They may be used for a few days at the first sign of an outbreak or as preventive treatment for recurring outbreaks.

You should avoid having sex with an infected partner if possible. It is also best to avoid kissing or oral sex with an infected partner. If you cannot avoid having sex with your partner, you should use condoms. You should also wash your hands frequently and thoroughly after touching a sore.

Antiviral medication can be prescribed by your doctor. In most cases, the medication will reduce the duration and severity of an outbreak. Aciclovir is available over-the-counter and through prescription. However, it is important to note that the medication will not cure your herpes and will not prevent future outbreaks. Nonetheless, it will help to minimize the discomfort and pain that comes with an outbreak.

If you think you are infected with genital herpes, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of a vaccine for this disease. The vaccine is very effective against HSV-2, but does not work against HSV-1. The vaccine has been studied in several clinical trials. It showed efficacy in women who were infected with HSV-2, but failed to show any effect in men. You should also consider genital herpes treatment over the counter.

Over-the-counter treatment for genital herpes will not prevent outbreaks, but it will help reduce the severity of them. In addition, the suppressive therapy will reduce the number of outbreaks by up to 75%. In some cases, it can even prevent outbreaks altogether.

Antiviral drugs are also a good choice if you want to reduce the severity of your outbreak. The antiviral medications will suppress the herpes virus and lessen the chance of recurrence. They also will reduce the chances of transmission. These drugs may not be ideal for pregnant women, but they can be effective in treating genital herpes. If you’re looking for genital herpes over the counter treatment, then contact Herpecillin now.

In addition to over-the-counter treatment for genital herpes, there are also several options for home remedies. Depending on the type of outbreak, home remedies can help relieve the symptoms. The best choice for you depends on the type of herpes you have, your age, and your overall health. You should also be aware of the side effects and possible risks of using these products.

Before choosing an over-the-counter treatment for genital herpes, you should first get a diagnosis. Usually, a healthcare provider can confirm the presence of the herpes simplex virus by looking at the appearance of the sores. During this process, the healthcare provider may take a sample from the sore to confirm whether the virus is present in the body.

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