The Benefits of a Major Playground


A 메이저놀이터 provides a range of benefits for children. For example, it encourages them to develop their social skills and make friends. Children often take on a lonely peer or two during recess and learn to share and not exclude others. They also practice respect for other people’s personal space and learn to listen to others’ signals.


When constructing a playground, you need to account for several things, including shipping and site preparation. This cost can account for five to fifteen percent of the overall budget. Other costs that can be included in the cost of a major playground project include benches and tables, grills, and bicycle racks. The cost of site preparation and clearance will influence the final budget.

The size of the playground should also be considered when calculating the total cost. Playground designs can differ, depending on the number of kids who will be using the playground. Generally, you can expect to spend approximately $1000 per child. For instance, a playground for fifty children would need a budget of $50,000. It is important to take the time to research the costs of playground development before committing to a specific budget. You should also make sure to obtain quotes for upkeep maintenance.


In 2003, a reliability study of the POST was conducted in Perth, Australia. Results were published on the institutional website. The POST contains thirty-six items that were not directly compared to the corresponding item in Montreal, Canada. For some items, Cohen’s kappa was used to estimate reliability. Percent agreement between raters was also calculated.

The study was conducted with 메이저놀이터 observation on school days and at the community playgrounds. Researchers scored the playgrounds based on the percent of their features meeting quality standards. The higher the score, the better. But not every playground is created equally. There are many playgrounds in the same area that offer different quality experiences.

The study used an observational pretest-posttest design to identify the changes in playground quality in a sample of public parks. It was also conducted in areas with low socioeconomic status.


Whether you are planning a new playground or renovating an existing one, it is important to keep the safety of children in mind. There are several factors to consider when creating a safe playground for kids. Ensure that the playground is free of dangerous structures, including swings and slides, and that all of the equipment is up to code. In addition to safety, make sure to have a first aid kit on hand for emergencies.

Many playground accidents can be prevented if you are aware of the risks. Injuries caused by playground equipment are very common, and many children sustain traumatic brain injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that more than 20,000 children seek medical attention every year for injuries they sustained at playgrounds. To prevent injury, playground equipment should be made from durable, sturdy materials that can absorb the impact. Climbing equipment is also important for kids, as it develops strength and coordination. It also helps children understand their surroundings from a different perspective. Climbing equipment should be accompanied by a guardrail if it’s more than 30 inches high.


The availability of major playgrounds can be a key factor when choosing a play area. Major playgrounds near public transportation hubs or other amenities are more popular and easier to reach. Moreover, playgrounds that are located near highways or major roads are safer as they are protected by fences and barriers.

The availability of major playgrounds is critical to ensuring a positive play environment for all children. For example, inclusive playgrounds should have equipment for children with disabilities as well as those with limited mobility. This way, children with physical disabilities can interact with their able-bodied counterparts without causing any disruption. Similarly, tactile play spaces help children with disabilities orient themselves in a play area. In addition, shade structures can make a playground comfortable and safe in hot weather.

In addition to providing a stimulating environment for children, playgrounds must also be available in areas where children can interact with their caregivers. The availability of playgrounds in a neighborhood is a good indicator of a community’s involvement and quality of life.

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