Top 10 Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturers in 2023

Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturers

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly involves soldering electronic components onto PCBs using surface mount technology (SMT) and/or through-hole technology (THT). Turnkey PCB assembly provides a complete solution including procurement of components, PCB population, testing, and delivery of assembled boards ready for use.

Many electronics companies outsource PCB assembly to contract manufacturers (CMs) that offer turnkey services. This allows them to focus on core competencies like design and product development while leveraging the expertise, scale and manufacturing infrastructure of the CMs.

This article ranks the top 10 turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers worldwide based on factors like quality, capabilities, delivery, scale, and cost.

1. Rayming Technology

Rayming is a leading turnkey PCB and full system assembly manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. With over 25 years of experience, Rayming provides SMT, THT and complex mixed technology PCB assembly for startups to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Key capabilities:

  • SMT and THT assembly down to 01005 components
  • Fine pitch BGA, 0.3mm pitch QFN/DFN
  • Advanced processes like epoxy filling and conformal coating
  • All standard inspection and testing methods
  • Fast turnaround times – 5 days for simple boards
  • Scalable capacity from small to high volumes
  • Cost-effective even for low volume batches

Rayming is known for quality, on-time delivery, responsiveness, and endless support throughout the production cycle. Their expertise in flexible and rigid-flex PCBs along with complete turnkey assembly is ideal for products with critical reliability requirements.

2. Jabil

Jabil Circuit is a NYSE listed EMS giant headquartered in Florida, USA. They have over 100 manufacturing sites worldwide and are a recognized leader in end-to-end product realization.

Key facts:

  • 2019 revenue – $26 billion
  • 180,000 employees globally
  • Specializes in highly complex PCB assemblies
  • Expertise in regulated industries – medical, automotive, aerospace
  • State of the art SMT facilities and factory automation

Jabil provides turnkey PCB assembly and product manufacturing for tier 1 high-tech companies. Their scale, capabilities and electronic manufacturing expertise is unmatched.

3. Flex

Flex is a leading sketch-to-scale solutions provider headquartered in Singapore. They have over 30 million sq.ft. of manufacturing capacity across 100+ sites in 30 countries.


  • Highly complex PCBs – multilayer, HDI, flex/rigid-flex
  • Advanced packaging – SiP, MEMS, wafer level processes
  • One-stop design, engineering, prototyping and testing
  • Scalable volumes from low to high-mix/high-volume
  • Robust quality systems – ISO13485, ISO9001, AS9100
  • In-depth expertise in medical, automotive, aerospace, defense

Flex offers complete product realization services on a global scale. Their turnkey PCB assembly capabilities are ideal for regulated industries.

4. Sanmina

Sanmina is a leading EMS provider based in California with revenues over $6 billion. They provide turnkey design, engineering and manufacturing services from over 100 facilities worldwide.

Notable capabilities:

  • Advanced PCB fab and assembly technologies
  • High-speed data centers powering Industry 4.0
  • Optical, radio and millimeter wave modules
  • Complete box build and product integration
  • Serving OEMs in communications, medical, defense, automotive

For turnkey PCB assembly along with full system build, Sanmina is a proven long-term partner for top OEMs seeking world-class manufacturing.

5. Benchmark Electronics

Benchmark provides integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and testing services from facilities across Americas, Asia and Europe.

Key facts:

  • 2019 revenue – $2.3 billion
  • 8,000 employees worldwide
  • SMT, press fit and other advanced assembly
  • Clean room manufacturing down to Class 100
  • Miniaturization, microelectronics, optoelectronics
  • High density interconnects (HDI)
  • Custom automation and process engineering

Benchmark enables accelerated product realization through their turnkey smart manufacturing for startups to multinationals across various industries.

6. Plexus

Plexus provides product realization services for companies in America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Their capabilities span the complete product lifecycle.

Notable services:

  • Engineering – concept, design, prototyping
  • Testing – environmental, mechanical, regulatory
  • Manufacturing – PCB assembly, cables, box build
  • Sustaining services – repairs, spare parts, obsolescence mitigation

Plexus leverages their expertise in regulated markets like medical, defense, aerospace and industrial for providing turnkey PCB assembly and product realization globally.

7. Zollner Elektronik AG

Germany headquartered Zollner provides full system design, manufacturing and testing services with expertise in electronics and communication systems.

Key facts:

  • Founded in 1965
  • 10,000 employees
  • 16 global sites across EU, Asia and America
  • 500 million Euros annual revenue
  • Automotive, industrial, medical, energy customers

Zollner’s precision electromechanical manufacturing combined with turnkey PCB assembly and box build makes them a leading solutions provider in Germany.

8. VTech Communications

VTech is a global electronics manufacturing services provider headquartered in Hong Kong. They have facilities in Asia and North America with advanced product testing capabilities.

Key capabilities:

  • Expertise in professional audio equipment
  • Automation solutions for manufacturing processes
  • Complete box build including injection molding
  • Full electronic engineering capabilities
  • Supply chain and components procurement

VTech provides start-to-finish manufacturing services with turnkey PCB assembly for customers worldwide seeking high-quality, innovative products.

9. Suntak Electronics

Suntak is a major EMS provider based in Shenzhen, China with over $200 million in revenues. They offer integrated manufacturing and product life cycle services.

Notable capabilities:

  • High mix PCB assembly down to 0201 components
  • 0.4mm pitch BGAs and 0.35mm pitch QFNs
  • Flexible and rigid-flex PCB expertise
  • Full box build – plastics, sheet metal, cabling
  • Testing – AOI, X-ray, ICT, flying probe
  • Complete NPI and volume production

Suntak enables innovative IoT and high-tech product realization through advanced PCB assembly and turnkey manufacturing services out of China.

10. VTL Group

VTL specializes in low to medium volume, high mix EMS focused on box build manufacturing. They are headquartered in Minnesota with facilities in Wisconsin and Mexico.

Key capabilities:

  • Lean manufacturing – Kanban, 5S, Kaizen
  • SMT and manual assembly down to 01005
  • Conformal coating, potting, heat staking
  • Test development – design to completion
  • Complete box build assembly
  • Low-medium volume, high-mix expertise

VTL leverages years of EMS experience to provide full product realization services from turnkey PCB assembly through testing, cabling, final assembly.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Turnkey PCB Assembly Partner

Here are some important factors to evaluate when selecting a turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer:

Technical capabilities – Manufacturing processes, component sizes, BGA/QFN/0402 capabilities, testing, engineering support

Quality – Certifications – ISO, IATF-16949, AS9100, FDA regs. Quality processes and culture.

Logistics – Lead times, order flexibility, supply chain transparency, inventory management

Cost – Pricing model, minimum order quantities, tooling and setup charges, long-term discounts

Customer service – Responsiveness, design support, issue resolution. Rapport with engineering team and account management.

Company reputation – Years in business, customer reviews, financial stability, employee turnover


Partnering with the right turnkey PCB assembly provider enables OEMs to accelerate development and achieve manufacturing excellence. This list of the top 10 manufacturers simplifies the complex process of identifying an ideal outsourcing partner.

The companies listed here represent the pinnacle of electronics manufacturing services today. With their advanced capabilities, capacity, expertise and geographic reach, they can take products from concept to high-volume production with quality and reliability.

Choosing among the leading turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers requires aligning companiy strengths to the product’s technical needs, quality standards, business priorities and supply chain logistics. Weighing the various decision criteria highlighted above will help find the ideal manufacturing partner for the specific product and market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of turnkey PCB assembly?

A: Turnkey PCB assembly minimizes the OEM’s tasks to only component sourcing and quality oversight. The CM handles procurement, assembly, testing and shipping. This saves time and overhead costs.

Q: What is the difference between full turnkey and consignment inventory models?

A: In full turnkey assembly, the CM procures all components and bills the OEM. In consignment, the OEM supplies components to the CM who bills only for assembly services.

Q: How to select the right PCB assembly partner?

A: Evaluate manufacturers based on capabilities, quality, timeliness, costs, customer service and company reputation. Prioritize factors as per product needs and business priorities.

Q: What are flex and rigid flex PCB assemblies?

A: Flex PCBs use flexible base materials. Rigid flex combines rigid sections for components along with flexible sections for bends and movement. They enable compact 3D assembly.

Q: How is prototype and low volume PCB assembly different from production?

A: Prototyping focuses on design validation with more iterations but relaxed quality procedures. Production optimizes assembly line setup for quality, costs and throughput.

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