Types of flatbed trucks

flatbed trucks

Today, the topic of transporting various cargoes is quite relevant. The ideal option for the owner of a trucking company is to buy a flatbed truck. An open body with hinged sides facilitates convenient loading, unloading, and movement of many types of cargo. The access to the contents is provided from any side.

Flatbed truck is the most popular vehicle for cargo transportation. It is fast, maneuverable, and allows calculating a profitable route compared with railway transport, for example. Running costs of a truck fleet pay off in full.

Flatbed trucks have different technical characteristics, type of trailers, limitations concerning the transportation of a particular cargo. How to choose the most optimal model? Learn more about it below.

The range of trucks

Modern manufacturers, understanding the importance of transportation services, produce a considerable number of suitable positions. Which model is right for your industry? Let’s take a closer look:

  • flat platform (the main advantage – multipurpose);
  • trailer with a hinged deck (for transportation of goods that can not be placed on a standard platform);
  • closed refrigerated vans with the ability to regulate the temperature regime;
  • double-deckers (for the movement of oversized cargo);
  • RGN trailers for moving bulky cargo;
  • extended Double Drop;
  • extendable flatbeds (for transporting long loads);
  • Conestoga trailers with a roll tarp system.

Specialty trailers may be required for transporting certain types of cargo.

Tips for selection

If you are the owner of a trucking company, you probably have a corresponding fleet of several different trucks. If you have just opened your own business, it is recommended to buy a used mini truck to save money. Before buying, you should study the technical characteristics of the vehicle, determine the necessary tonnage (you can buy a truck up to 3.5 tons to start with). It is necessary to look at the models for which there is enough budget.

An important factor is the type of cargo with which the company plans to work.

Where to buy a mini truck

When choosing a vehicle for cargo transportation, novice company owners choose small size vans, such as Renault flatbed truck. Despite the volume, such a car can effectively cope with a decent number of tasks, providing a stable income.

A wide selection of specialized vehicles is available at https://machineryline.mx/-/carretillas-elevadoras–c396. Machines for any wallet, new and used, are presented. You can use search filters for a comfortable selection. It is easy to make a purchase: just place the item in the cart and fill out the order.

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