What Safety Signage Does Our Playground Need?


Our playgrounds 메이저사이provide children and their families with a safe, fun, and engaging environment where they can breathe fresh air and reap the benefits of physical exercise. With all that exercise comes the possibility of injuries. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at our playgrounds for all children every time, we offer parents clear, easy-to-follow guidelines for safe and proper use of our playgrounds and our equipment.

The Legal Angle

It’s not a pleasant thought to imagine potential lawsuits stemming from an injury to a child in your playground. However, the legal reality is the reality of life. Should a case occur, having proper safety signs in full view of the public can aid your case by showing the judge that you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure safety.

The Official Word

Both the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have issued recommendations on safety signs for playgrounds. The ASTM’s recommendations can be found within the Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use. You can also find guidelines of the CPSC in the Public Playground Safety Handbook.

Types of Playground Safety Signage

Supervision Affirmation: A simple sign with the words “Adult supervision is recommended” informs children that the playground is not designed to be used for play that is not supervised.

The age range of equipment users: For a safe and enjoyable experience at the playground, children must use appropriate equipment for their age. Labeling your equipment using age-specific ranges provides parents with the information needed to know if the activity you’re considering is suitable for their child.

Hot Surface Safety Warning: During our sweltering Texas summers, it is possible for play equipment on playgrounds to get too hot, creating dangers of burning. A warning label for hot surfaces suggests that the caregiver or parent examine the surfaces of swings, slides, and other equipment before permitting the child to play on the surfaces.

Strangulation Warns: Loose clothing, drawstrings or necklaces, straps, and other components can create an increased risk of strangulation should they are caught on equipment while playing. Warning labels on strangulation advise parents and caregivers to eliminate any risk before allowing children to play with the equipment.

Surfacing Warns: Anything installed on a hard surface should have a surface warning that alerts parents to the possibility of injury caused by falls.

Where Signage Should Be Placed

Put all safety 메이저사이signs in which they can be easily seen and easily spotted by viewers at the right time to take action when needed. They can be attached to the playground equipment or hung on free-standing posts in the playground but away from the use zone.

Remember to keep bushes, trees, and other plants well-trimmed so that they do not block the view of your safety warnings.

The safety of children’s playgrounds is an integral collective initiative. By providing clear, simple security guidelines, we will assist our communities in enjoying an enjoyable, safe experience each time they go to.

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