Pros And Cons Of Using THC Supplements

THC supplements

Delta-9 THC supplements are a discreet way of taking a daily dose of THC. Who doesn’t want a candy-tasting treat that will most definitely be the happy pill they can relish throughout the day, right? But, before that, it is critical to know that like every other medication pill and supplement, THC Delta 9 also has its disadvantages. Apart from all the beneficial attributes this drug has to offer in the medical field, this pill is also taken for personal use or as an everyday supplement. To be ensured of its safety, read along!


THC supplements have been legalized in over 40 states in the USA and are slowly going viral globally. As scientists and medical professionals continue using this drug, it has been known to be effective and beneficial to all consumers. To enlist the pros of this drug, keep reading.

  1. It helps with seizures

Over the years, seizures have been known to be incurable but there are a lot of pills and drugs used to somehow lessen the attacks, but no drug has ever cured this disease. But luckily with THC, it not only helps with lessening the attacks of seizures but it cures. A study shows that this drug is used as a relaxer or as prevention of more attacks.

  1. Used as an antidepressant

This is also known as a “happy pill”. The high effect of this drug controls the way one’s mind communicates and overall the way it thinks. Drugs containing THC may ease the symptoms of depression. Some say it even makes them feel relaxed, happy, and peaceful. They use THC or marijuana substances as a way to detach from their depressive thoughts.

  1. Helps with insomnia

The relaxing benefit of THC being mentioned also links to helping an insomniac get a good night’s sleep. With the melatonin boosters as a side effect of this drug, one consumer may feel sleepy and tired (But of course, it still depends on the dosage and the suitability of one consumer).

  1. A short-term feeling of euphoria

THC is a drug that results in a consumer feeling high, but more in a positive way. Study says that THC stimulates the part of your brain that responds to pleasure, more like thinking about eating your favorite food and even having sex. It unleashes dopamine, which gives you a euphoric, relaxed, and happy feeling.

  1. Athletic use

Sports are physical exercises or movements that need a high level of energy. THC or Cannabis is a drug that has significant positive effects in sports or workouts. Improving vision and muscle relaxation are just some of THC’s benefits in terms of sports.

  1. Comes in all forms

THC supplements come in all forms – pills, gummies, like Delta-9 gummies, injectables, direct inhalation, and more. This form of drug is very essential to every consumer’s preferences. All forms of this drug have their significant dose and effects, thus before using one it is important to be enlightened and knowledgeable.


This drug’s effects may vary depending on the dosage and quantity administered. Like every other pill, the usage of this drug requires responsibility and knowledge. A list of disadvantages and damage will occur if not administered responsibly. Some may even cause severe health problems.

  1. Direct Intake May Cause Respiratory Illnesses

As said, THC is a strong drug. If administered directly through inhalation, it may cause cough and phlegm, more frequent lung illness, and a higher risk of lung infection.

  1. Addictive

With this product’s overall list of benefits, who wouldn’t want to take this every day, right? But a study shows the continuous use of this product may lead to addiction and may cause permanent health issues (Of course, only when a consumer intakes the drug irresponsibly). It is normal for all consumers to use this as a temporary escape to reality, but the overall constant use could lead to addiction.


Overall, the use of this drug could lead to major benefits and disadvantages. The usage of THC should always be in responsible ways and only use when necessary.

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