What Should A Cigar Humidor Be Set At?

Cigar Humidor

Over time you will discover that certain cigar experiences are just more enjoyable than others. This is due to individual taste and variables such as the type of tobacco used, the torch used, the size of cigars, and the style of cigars. It is also important to note that the humidity level can have an effect on how enjoyable the cigars are.

There is a reason why we care about humidity levels. Humidity in cigars can affect how they smoke. It also affects the flavor of cigars, which in turn affects the whole experience. Your cigar will either smoke too quickly or unevenly or become difficult to draw from if it is at the wrong humidity level.

We’ll look closer at humidity levels to learn why some people prefer a lower humidity level. Different humidity levels can make cigars more enjoyable.

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Humidor Management

Your best tool for properly achieving your desired humidity levels in your humidor. You can rely on your humidor to maintain those levels, even in higher humidity areas or temperatures. The best way to help this process is by making sure your humidor is properly managed.

Season Your Humidor

For optimal humidity, it is necessary to season your humidor first before you store cigars. Additionally, you should preseason it every few months to maintain humidity control. Different humidifiers have different seasons. There are detailed instructions available for Klaro humidors. You can’t season the humidor to soak the Spanish cedar wood in it. This will cause the wood to draw moisture from your cigars.

How Much Does a Humidor Cost?

Although quality humidors can be costly, they are an investment that will serve you well for many years. There are desktop humidors that start at about $100; cabinet humidors, on the other hand, can go up to $400-$1,000+.

How Do You Make A Humidor Work Properly?

Two essential components are needed for humidity control in humidors: a humidifier (or hygrometer) and a humidifier (or humidifier). A humidor’s relative humidity can be measured with a hygrometer. A humidifier is also used to add or remove moisture from the atmosphere as necessary to maintain the desired humidity.

Here Are Some Basic Principles of Humidor Storage

  • Don’t overcrowd your humidor. If you have a lot of cigars, upgrade to a larger humidor like the Bally 100 Count.
  • The humidor’s cigar bed features gold finger pulls that make it easy to remove. Additionally, the glass top lets you see your collection and doesn’t disturb the environment.
  • Use dividers to separate different cigars. A humidor like Prestige viceroys has a removable tray and a six-piece magnet divider set. You can reconfigure the space to suit the collection.
  • How many cigars are you keeping, for how long, and how many varieties of cigars you have at any time will affect the organization of your humidor? Dividers allow each cigar to retain its original flavor.

What Temperature Should My Cigar Humidifier Be Set At?

If you keep your humidor at 63-70 degrees and 65-72% RH, your cigars can still smoke perfectly. You should keep your humidor far from heat sources, such as a fireplace, chimney, or direct sunlight.

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